Our Approach

The San Antonio Fatherhood Campaign facilitates the delivery of a broad network of services for disconnected fathers who want to improve their capacity to provide financial and social supports for their children. Activities also assist father’s in overcoming obstacles and barriers that may prohibit them from being the most effective and nurturing parents possible.

The Fatherhood Campaign recognizes that strengthening relationships between father’s and their children enhances the lives of families, provides needed support to mothers, and offers a compelling solution to breaking the cycle of poverty, educational failure, juvenile delinquency, incarceration and the despair fatherless children traditionally experience.

The help achieve this the Fatherhood Campaign offers a combination of intensive support services, parent education, individual and group counseling, strength-based training, and positive experiences that will empower fathers with responsible parent information and skills.

The Fatherhood Campaign requires joint efforts from key organizations (CORE members) providing valuable services and support to the community. The Campaign has partnered from its inception with CORE members designed to help meet those needs of health and human services, education, early child programs, maternal programs, incarcerated parents, mentoring programs, youth services, domestic violence and other supportive efforts.

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