Goals & Objectives

The Fatherhood Campaign wants to promote responsible fatherhood by helping males and father’s of all ages to achieve greater self esteem and better awareness of their responsibilities to their families and community.

To achieve this success, we empower fathers to becoming successful through life skills building, family reunification, education and career training, employment support and child support compliance.

To achieve this goal, the Fatherhood Campaigns primary objectives are…


  • Provide responsible parenting education programs, like skills based parent education, and parent support and activities.
  • Facilitate services to fathers with education and vocational training opportunities.
  • Coordinate efforts with job improvement opportunities, job readiness initiatives and job placement assistance.
  • Disseminate information about good parenting practices, responsible fatherhood, prevention of domestic violence and child abuse.
  • Provide group and individual counseling and mentorship.
  • Partnership and networking with community agencies, faith based agencies and family advocacy.

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