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The Southside Reporter Fatherhood: What it means to
be a parent … Click to view

S.A. Express News Program focuses on families … Click to view 12/2007  

S.A. Express News Men to shout out against kid
abuse … Click to view

S.A. Express News Local dads take stand
against family violence … Click to view

S.A. Express News Event promotes role of
fathers in society … Click to view

S.A. Express News Father’s Day Fiesta
encouraging men to accept interactive role … Click to view
6/14/ 2006  

S.A. Express News Father’s Unite to Provide
Holiday Cheer … Click to view

S.A. Express News Don’t Sweat It Pops … Click to view 6/19/2005  

S.A Express News Father’s day fiesta to
encourage dads learning … Click to view

El Placazo “Hombres Con Razon” – Young
men step up and take responsibility … Click to view
Jun/Jul 2003  



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