Mission Statement

In San Antonio, an idea that began with the vision of a handful of concerned Latino/Chicano and Native-American fathers quickly developed into an organized community campaign to promote responsible fatherhood to fathers of all ages. The campaign, which began in February 2004, received substantial assistance from Making Connections-San Antonio and the Annie E. Casey Foundation Fatherhood initiative.

The San Antonio Fatherhood Campaign is a community initiative designed to promote responsible fatherhood by helping males and father’s of all ages to achieve greater self esteem and better awareness of their responsibilities to their families and community. Through this initiative, fathers are encouraged to become actively involved in the health and wellness of their own lives as well as in the lives of their children. The campaign wants to emphasize the honor of being a father and about the important role a male parent, regardless of his age, plays in the life of his child.

The Fatherhood Campaign provides assistance to men and fathers in the community with the understanding and support needed to help them become successful parents. Through life skills building, mentorship, and partnership, dad’s can engage in healthy and helpful dialogue that encourages responsible fatherhood. Since the Campaigns inception, we have reached well over 10,000 men / fathers in our community and many more throughout the state of Texas through outreach, workshops and parenting classes. A large portion of this success has been through the support and assistance of CORE members, family partners and collaborating agencies who have taken on the mission of promoting responsible fatherhood.

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